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5 Benefits of Hiring a Pizza Catering Service


Americans order three billion pizzas each year! Needless to say, pizza is one food that just about everyone loves! If you're looking for a way to satisfy a crowd, serving a hot and gooey slice of authentic Italian pizza seems like the way to go!

Pizza catering allows you to bring a mobile wood-fired pizza oven right to your party or event. A team of charismatic and talented pizza chefs will prepare a customizable suite of gourmet pizzas in minutes. The scent of the fresh ingredients will fill the space as every guest eats, laughs, and celebrates with a delicious slice of Bella Roma pizza in their hands.

If you're still deciding on the menu for your big event, it's not too late to bring the neighborhood pizza shop to you!

If you need more convincing, we've got you covered! We've created this list of the five biggest benefits of bringing Bella Roma pizza catering to your next event. Keep reading to explore the delicious, cheese-covered possibilities!

Benefit #1: Everybody Eats

In this day and age, everyone you meet has a dietary restriction or two. It can be challenging to curate a menu that takes care of everyone's needs. Even foods with mass appeal might exclude vegetarians, picky eaters, or lactose intolerant guests.

When you bring our mobile wood-fired pizza oven to your event, we'll make all of the pizza to order. That means our ServSafe-certified staff can accommodate all sorts of special dietary needs. Creating a custom pizza from scratch is so quick and efficient that a request won't set us back for a moment!

Because pizza is a food that unites people, every guest will find something delicious to enjoy. Even the youngest eaters will be eager to see their pizza cook before their very eyes! Bringing in our Italian catering service is the best way to ensure that everyone - young, old, picky, or easy-going - gets to enjoy a fresh and delicious meal!

Benefit #2: We'll Bring the Entertainment

Hosting an event can be expensive. In addition to bringing in catering, you might feel compelled to include some entertainment options. When you bring in Bella Roma's pizza catering service, you'll be getting food and entertainment in one!

Our trained pizza chefs will do more than slide the pizza into the oven. They're charming and personable and will do their best to keep your guests entertained. They can make suggestions, crack some jokes, and keep even the hungriest, grumpiest guests grinning as they await their hot, delicious pizza!

Plus, there is something exciting about seeing your pizza prepared before your very eyes! Guests get a front-row seat to the entire process. They'll watch as their pizza goes from a collection of dough and fresh toppings to a piping hot, crispy gourmet Italian pizza.

Sit back and watch as your guests get up and go for seconds and thirds! They'll enjoy customizing their pie and trying our chef-selected varieties. Everyone on your guest list will be fully engaged during this participatory pizza party!

Benefit #3: It's Ready When You Are

Parties and events have many moving parts, and not everything will go according to schedule. How often have you sat at a wedding as your stomach growled, waiting hours for a dish of dry chicken? When you bring the pizza oven to you, we can start producing fresh pizza whenever you're ready to eat!

A mobile wood-fired pizza oven is a wonderful addition to a wedding's cocktail hour or an outdoor corporate event. Guests can feast on gourmet pizza at their leisure. Each of our authentic, wood-fired pizzas is ready in two to three minutes, so your guests' stomachs won't have time to growl!

With such a quick turnaround time, everyone has the luxury of eating until they are full and content. Whether your opening remarks are quicker than expected, or the ceremony goes twice as long as you planned, we'll be ready to feed a crowd!

Benefit #4: The Food You Want, Where You Want It

When we say our pizza oven is mobile, we mean it! We can bring our oven to any event within 50-miles of St. Cloud, Florida. It's the best way to ensure that you are bringing high-quality, authentic Italian food to your event.

Plus, at Bella Roma, we offer more than just pizza! We have a full catering menu complete with apps, salads, and your favorite main courses. If you tried something at one of our St. Cloud locations and loved it, we'll bring it right to you!

Benefit #5: Worry-Free From Start to Finish

When you're planning an event, you have a lot on your mind. You need to keep track of guests and vendors... plus try to have some fun yourself! Bella Roma catering will handle the food so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful gathering that you worked so hard to plan.

After you book our services, you'll work with an event coordinator to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Once we have all of the details, we'll take things from there.

Our caterers handle delivery, set-up, break-down, and clean-up. We'll appear when you need us and vanish just as quickly, without leaving a trace! Luckily, our food is so good that we're unforgettable!

We'll help you plan a feast to suit any soiree, from corporate gatherings to backyard weddings. Whatever the occasion, you can breathe easy while working with a local pizza shop that you already love and trust.

Let Bella Roma Pizza Catering Come To You

If you're going through the trouble of planning an event, you want it to be perfect. When you bring in a mobile wood-fired pizza oven from Bella Roma, everyone will be talking about the incredible food! We'll make sure everyone gets fed on time so you can focus on your guests!

Are you ready to bring Bella Roma pizza catering to your next party or event? Contact us today to get the pizza party started! We can't wait to help you celebrate with some hot, handmade pizza, wherever you happen to be!

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