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Are You an Adventurous Eater? The Unique Pizza Toppings You Should Try

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Did you know that pizza was invented in the 1800s? Ever since then, pizza has been enjoyed worldwide but only in certain forms. Not many people would stray from the traditional pepperoni pizza even if other pizza toppings might offer more unique and delicious flavors.

If you are an adventurous eater, you might be tempted to try certain pizza toppings such as strawberries, balsamic vinegar, buffalo sauce, jalapenos, and even pesto? There are many good pizza toppings that go perfectly together even if you might not think they might at all.

Keep reading and learn more about some unusual pizza toppings you should try.

Strawberry, Bacon, and Sweet Onion

When it comes to discovering a delicious taste from your pizza, the last thing you might expect to taste is strawberry. But it seems that sprinkling some fruit on your pizza may not be as bad of an idea as you might think. While pineapple and ham pizza may get a bad wrap, strawberry and bacon pizza is a completely different creature.

What many people forget is that the dough, tomato sauce, and cheese that all make up a pizza can complement more toppings than just pepperoni. These ingredients can also complement ingredients that might look strange on a pizza but are actually delicious. For example, when you put chunks of strawberries on a pizza, the sweetness of the berries and the savory flavor of the cheese and tomato sauce actually go perfectly together.

When eating pizza of this kind, you will be able to distinguish all the unique flavors that you might not have otherwise noticed. But putting strawberries on your pizza isn't enough. In addition to the strawberries, there's nothing stopping you from adding some pieces of bacon and strands of sweet onion.

While strawberries, sweet onion, and bacon might make for interesting toppings, do they actually taste good when put together on a pizza? Of course, they do! When pizza is loaded with too many savory toppings such as bacon and pepperoni, the pizza can start to be a little much.

After all, there is such a thing as food that is too savory. But when you add the strawberry and sweet onion to break up the bacon, the flavor profile of the pizza changes completely. The sweet onion can add a little bit of sweetness and texture while the strawberries make the pizza much more refreshing so the cheese and sauce can stand out more.

Avocado, Jalapenos, and Chicken

If you love Mexican food, this might be the perfect combination of pizza toppings for you. However, you won't be likely to find this kind of pizza at your average Italian restaurant. Adding chicken to a pizza isn't all that surprising.

After all, like pepperoni, it's only a type of meat. But when you season it with traditional Mexican spices such as cumin, chili powder, and chipotle, you have a completely new idea on your hands. The spiciness of the chicken will complement the acidic flavors of the tomato sauce perfectly.

The great thing is that when putting this pizza together, you can make the chicken as spicy or mild as you want. But putting chicken on pizza alone isn't enough to make it interesting. To create a truly unique pizza, you will have to add avocado and jalapenos.

If you don't think you made the chicken spicy enough, the jalapenos will come to the rescue. By adding pickled, grilled, or raw sliced jalapenos to your pizza, your taste buds can get a serious (and delicious) kick. But there is such a thing as making your food too spicy.

Between the spiced chicken and the jalapenos, your pizza might be too hot for you to enjoy, especially if you plan on having several slices. For that reason, you will want to slice up some avocado and add it on top of the pizza as well. Avocados are creamy and offer a subtle flavor to whatever food they're added to.

For that reason, adding some creamy avocado slices to your pizza can calm down your taste buds but the avocado also won't completely counteract the pizza's spiciness. For some extra flavor, you can turn the avocado into guacamole before putting it on top of your pizza.

Peach and Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a special type of ham from Italy and it isn't anything like the ordinary chunks of ham you might get on a ham and pineapple pizza. Instead, prosciutto is a type of salty ham that is sliced very thinly. It has thin ribbons of white fat that are full of flavor that is savory but not too savory.

By putting a few slices of prosciutto on your pizza, the salt of the ham can really bring out the flavors of the pizza's cheese. Also, the acidity in the tomato sauce will counteract the saltiness of the prosciutto so you won't be overwhelmed by the taste of salt. But even so, putting prosciutto on a pizza alone can be a bit too strong for some.

That's why putting cooked peaches on top is such a good idea. By searing or grilling some peaches, you can give the peaches a unique flavor. They won't be as juicy as they are when fresh, but they can still give the pizza a refreshing aftertaste.

This is not to mention that peach and prosciutto balance each other out perfectly.

All about Unique Pizza Toppings

Many people are too afraid to venture beyond pepperoni pizza. However, you will find that you can discover all sorts of delicious flavors by experimenting with unique pizza toppings.

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