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What Makes Pizza From a Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven So Delicious?

mobile wood fired pizza

Are you a pizza aficionado excited to try new pizza flavors and baking methods? If so, wood fired pizza is the perfect choice for your palate.

Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day, whether from pizza restaurants or made at home. This is because pizza is one of the easiest, most delicious meals that'll keep you full all day.

From simple toppings like cheese and mushrooms to gourmet toppings like pineapple, figs, and ricotta, pizza can be customized to each person's tastebuds.

Curious to learn why pizza from a mobile wood fired pizza oven is so incredibly delicious? Keep reading below to find out!

What Does "Wood Fired" Mean?

Wood fired pizza is pizza made in a brick oven that uses firewood to heat the oven. There's no gas or electricity powering the oven - only the wood, which is placed in the back of the oven. This gives the pizza a subtle smokey flavor, perfectly baked dough, and subtly crispy edges.

The most commonly used wood for wood fired ovens is oak because it burns evenly and doesn't produce overwhelming smoke. Similarly, apple and cherry wood are two other dense wood types that produce little to no smoke or ashes. They also burn slowly so you don't have to fill up the oven constantly.

Depending on the wood, the smoke will add a distinct, slightly smoky flavor to the pizza without making it taste burnt. This is also why BBQ meat is much tastier than oven-roasted or fried meat. The smoke makes all the difference.

Is Wood Fired Pizza Better Than Regular Pizza?

Pizza making is more than just tossing pizza dough in mid-air. It's an art form that we at Bella Roma are proud of and love sharing it with our customers. So if you ask us if wood fired pizza is better than regular pizza, we'll always say yes.

The flavor makes all the difference and the freshness can't be beat. It's a distinct, rustic, heartwarming taste that'll remind you that food made from scratch is special.

It's Bursting With Flavor

If you've ever tried a wood fired pizza, you know it's unlike any other pizza you've had before. Traditional pizza ovens are made for mass production and make the pizza taste generic. A wood fired oven is different: it enhances all the flavors in the pizza, makes the cheese bubbly and soft, and the edges smoky and crisp.

It's a journey for the senses where you can feel all the flavors, toppings, spices, and love. If you want to bring these flavors to your party, event, or wedding, we'll make wood fired pizzas fresh in front of your guests in our portable wood fired pizza oven.

It Cooks More Evenly

Pizza oven wood fire will cook the dough more evenly so every single inch is perfectly baked. Sometimes, toppings can make thin pizza dough soggy and as such, it won't cook properly in a traditional oven. You'll get dry edges and a heavy middle which makes the pizza difficult to eat and even more difficult to digest.

This is why we use a wood fired oven for our catering events. So you can wow your guests with your food choice for the party and give them an experience of flavors they'll never forget.

It Retains More Nutrients

A wood fired oven cooks the pizza in minutes, which helps preserve the nutrients in the toppings. Whether you like your pizza with veggies or prefer the classic cheese topping, the longer these ingredients cook, the fewer nutrients they'll retain.

We take our portable wood fired pizza oven to events and parties so you and your guests can eat nutritious, delicious pizza you won't get anywhere else. All our ingredients, including the dough and sauces, are fresh and made in-house, which means they're unique to our pizza restaurant.

It Cooks The Pizza Faster

Wood releases heat and energy at a much higher rate than gas or electricity, so the wood fired oven cooks the pizza faster. When the oven is at the right temperature, you can have your pizza ready in as little as 90 seconds!

So when you go to an authentic pizzeria like Bella Roma, you'll get your pizza fresh and warm, perfectly baked, and with all the rich topping flavors. The same goes if you cater your events with us — your guests will always have a warm, freshly made snack they can take with them while they mingle and walk around.

It's More Sustainable

A wood fired pizza oven uses wood to bake the pizza. This makes it a more sustainable way to cook and bake without the need for electricity or gas. They're convenient because you only pay for the wood you'll be using and don't have to deal with monthly utility bills.

A single wood loading is enough to bake several pizzas, as quality wood burns more slowly and produces heat constantly and evenly. This makes it more functional, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient. Plus, you can also bake pies, garlic bread, focaccia, breadsticks, pastries, and anything else that's made of dough.

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven Makes the Best Pizza You’ll Ever Eat!

Pizza is that universal feel-good food that almost everyone loves. The preparation and baking method can affect the taste of the pizza which is why wood fired ovens make for the most authentic rustic taste, crispiness, and smokey flavor.

From sustainability and baking speed to providing a distinct and unique flavor, wood fired ovens are a blast from the past in the future of pizza making.

Planning an event soon? Let us at Bella Roma be a part of your event with freshly made pizzas in our mobile wood fired pizza oven. Reach out today to learn more and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

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